APEX  -  the entry point to drone racing for businesses and future pilots.


Drone racing is the sport of the future combining the entertainment of e-sports with the advanced technology of drones. Drone racing pilots develop highly technical skill sets and mental endurance while learning to fly. Businesses across industries benefit from their engagement and association with the young and tech savvy drone racing pilot community.

Being a global leader in promoting the benefits of drone racing APEX owns and operates a eco-system of properties within sports, education and live events providing our corporate clients with a platform to meet their strategic objectives while at the same time inspiring our future generations to master technology.

Through our properties APEX connects businesses with our young and tech savvy pilot community in a mutual beneficial platform business model. For business clients APEX run projects in the intersection of technology, sports, education and media entertainment contributing to their corporate strategic objectives whether being commercial or philanthropic motivated.


For our pilot community APEX provides genuine value-creating drone racing experiences for free funded by leading businesses seeking to inspire our future generations to engage in drone racing and develop their skills within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).



Our HQ is based centrally in the Nordic region from where we operate globally.


At our HQ the racing team plan their schedule and the management team run our day to day operations. Our Service Course is located at HQ as well managing our equipment and logistics before shipping out to races and events.

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