Nordic based racing team, lifestyle brand and media agency pioneering and promoting the lifestyle of drone racing.

Operating as a non-profit organization our purpose is to inspire the future generations to master technology enabling them to solve the global challenges of tomorrow.


To accomplish this APEX promote the values inherent to drone racing being social, adventurous and tech savvy. 


On top of our properties within competitive racing, drone events and media content we build the most inclusive community in drone racing to maintain young peoples curiosity for technology.




Operating a platform business comprising properties within competitive racing, drone events and media content APEX develop innovative partnerships with corporate partners connecting them with our community of drone racing fans in an authentic manner.


VW launched their new all electric car series with a blast when they raced the concept racing car ID.R against the APEX drone at the VW Hannover factory. A premium video production documented the race gaining +900.000 views on YouTube as it went viral in the drone community.

Red Bull is well known for their action packed lifestyle content and the APEX pilots is often booked to take part in media productions producing the first-person-view aerial footage that makes Red Bull content stand out. Red Bull utilize APEX media channels to reach the drone racing community who represent a key target group.


The Royal Danish Air Force wanted to target their recruitment of future pilots more precisely and partnered with APEX to put top drone racing pilots through the test of fighter pilots. Test proved that drone racing pilots possess the right qualifications and the Air Force promoted the result towards the drone racing community utilizing APEX media channels.